Carlos Heleno Da Silva

Ôba-Ôba! May I briefly introduce myself? My name is Carlos Heleno Da Silva, Creator, producer, Owner & Gen.Mgr. of BRAZIL ENTERTAINMENT AGENCY, Ltd since 1982

I was born in 1950 nine month after carnival in the suburb of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,and at present l live in Sweden. I have been active in the entertainment business since 1970, first as performer and then as an Brazilian international impressario of showbiz, overseas worldwide management, for the past nine years. I have a lot experience in international know-how wihtin the field. Therefore I understand your entertainment needs and realize that we must work together to maximize our mutual interest – your lounge profitability. I manage more than 10 groups all with various showform. So whatever you may wish, you can trust me/us to arrange your entertainment to your specification and satisfaction.

Looking forward to our successful co-operation.

Carlos Heleno da Silva  is coming from real life, as a child he was already fascinated with the ”batucadas” (based on percussion instruments and clapping of hands) – which evolved into the most tune of   Brazilian popular music .
At 10 he could understand the ”Samba de Morro”, created by the ”Samba schools” which were more or less confined to the people from the slum areas, that is, of the lowest income level and which capture the preference of the majority of the people music which was composed for carnival.

At 14 he could play the ”innovative  rhythms of the Brazilian percussion’s” as a professional. Before completing 23 he was already working worldwide e.g. in Washington DC, Los Angeles, Stockholm, İstanbul, London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi etc,  together with artists with international reputation.