The music in the show is a mixture of beautiful melodies with
lingering capticative rhythms, jungle bright sounds of Rio de Janeiro Carnival. Hot! Hot! Passionate Samba Latin Funk.

Bananas Samba Show is composed only by a fine international blend of professional artists with theirs hearts in the music. All selected ballerinas, singers and musicians. The BSS original form consists of the following number of professional artists: 1 female singer, 5 female dancers, 8 male musicians (keyboard, bass, drums, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and 2 percussionists.


Bananas Samba Show is a rich spectacle of live Brazilian music, song and dance & beautiful visual. It is internationally acknowledged as a first class production.


History of Bananas Samba Show

It might sound remarkable but its true, most of the time, to be recognised, great artists and music directors must leave behind the borders of their own countries and face all sorts of challenges until they really succeed.

Speaking about Brazilian talents Mr Da Silva. Musician and impresario, is a perfect example. In his, ”thousand and one trips around the world”, he travelled and performed in Rio, Washington, Los Angeles, New York, London, Madrid, Bangkok, Istanbul, Muscat and Stockholm.

Mr Da Silva left behind his amazing career and incredible background of work and musical experiences, professionally produced and mastering during almost 27 year of absence from his native country, Brazil.

As he put it; ”It took twenty-four” years to materialise a dream”, but the result is to day the enormous success of a group called ”Bananas Samba Show”, one of the must original and creative musical bands ever created in Scandinavia!
True, a group sometime imitated, but never duplicated.

Conceived, created and produced by Mr Da Silva, The Bananas Samba Show is an inimitable musical band. Actually, an ”orchestra” and ”corps de dance” with a strong consistency, reflecting a generalised determination of ”giving” only the best of sounds; particularly those touches, affects the body and the soul.

15 thousand kilometres far away from Brazil, it’s only by listening and seeing that one can understand the harmonious musical and choreographic experience of the Bananas Samba Show. As they say in Brazil ”a truly Atomic Maracatu”. With no doubt the Bananas Samba Show can among other things play perfectly ”funks and reggaes”, but gives most of the priorities to the Brazilian music culture, based virtually in joy and liveliness or in the ”natural magic” as Mr Da Silva uses to say.

In Sweden is a well known fact that Bananas Samba Show has
interrupted urban depressive wave of the Nordic world and placed in the centre of everything the fundamental joy of living and survive, melodically.
And in that sense of Bananas Samba Show became, involuntarily, Scandinavia a musical agent of an aesthetics based in a explosion of gladness and not only oriented by the professional austerity. According to Mr Da Silva without this ”formula” the Bananas Samba Show’s access to the European musical scenes would be an almost impossible task.

Since the group was created in 1982 and participated for the first time in Skeppsholmen International Jazz festival of Stockholm.

Bananas Samba Show established a very uncommon discipline for a musical band which gained fast recognition; adopted a permanent and obligatory search towards the melodic invention, avoiding all identification with the so called ”outside models”. 
The idea was that the Bananas Samba Show should be an authentic and original group even if it’s real ”beat” had been inspired in the Brazilian sound. The suspicion that ”The Brazilian sound is something very difficult abroad” was replaced by kind of magnetic impulse or concept that ”the best passport for success” depends in great extent of persistence, love and faith. In other words; to do the right thing according to the ”book”.

Naturally, the attempt to universalise Brazilian music in distant places so far away from South America is not an easy task.
If doubt try it yourself…….
Strictly speaking, the mission almost evangelical of the group was exactly to contradict such a way of thinking. The Bananas Samba Show destroyed that myth and launched its gratifying music experience (sambas, choros, lambadas, baioes and bossa nova) not only ”in the land of the Vikings – Sweden” but almost in the whole Europe. 

by João Lins de Albuquerque, journalist, Journal do Brazil
and Harry Sumrall, music critic, Washington Post.